Permalinking With Squarespace a reply to @MacSparky

This is a very quick post in reply to MacSparky’s ( David Sparks) post about how he achieves the little infinity (∞) permalink at the bottom of his pages. While there is nothing wrong with the way that he does it, using a little TextExpander snippet, there is a much quicker way to do it. All you need to do is open up the Blog Settings of the page that you want to add it to. Click on the Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom and add this bit of code

into the Post Blog Item Code Injection section.The only downside of this is that it will appear at the bottom of every single post on that particular page rather than just for the externally linked pages.

Initiating Screen Sharing or Back to My Mac from the command line

Just some information on how to start a Screen Sharing or Back to My Mac (BTMM from now on) session from the command line.

Making multiple 'From' email addresses on iOS my bitch without adding extra accounts

This all came about because of work. I got a call from a client that we regularly work with asking if it’s possible to consolidate his some 20 email accounts into one of his Google Apps accounts (this also works with regular Gmail accounts too) while still being able to reply and send from the individual addresses. As it turns out this can be quite tricky but I managed to find an article that outlined the steps perfectly, or so I thought to begin with. 

Clear - A new todo application that isn't like the rest

What happend this morning when I woke up to read my twitter feed? I saw a nice little note from @UseClear saying “ Hello New Zealand and Australia :-)”. What could this mean? Well, it meant that Clear, the todo app that has had quite a bit of hype surrounding it, had launched.

Using Dropbox to sync notes between nvALT & Notesy

To capture and keep track of all my notes I uses nvALT on the Mac and Notesy on my iPhone and iPad. I sync these two using Dropbox and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Before discovering Notesy I used Simplenote on iOS and syncronised nvALT with that but much prefer my current setup. Firstly I opened up the preferences of nvALT, turned off the Syncronization with Simple note and pointed it to read notes from a folder that I’d created on Dropbox.