Automatic Configuration of Zoom Rooms on macOS & iOS

Towards the start of 2019, Culture Amp moved into a new and larger office in Melbourne. To ensure that all equipment deployed into the conference rooms around the office were working effectvively, we wiped all devices before redeploying them into the rooms. The last time I’d done this, while I could push out the Zoom apps to all Macs and iPads in the space, you would need to login to the Zoom Rooms app manually and then and select the room to associate the device with. Thankfully, Zoom released support for Managed App Config on iOS, and reading custom Configuration Profiles on macOS to remove the time-consuming step of logging in and configuring manually.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying (about DEP) and Love the Nuke & Pave

I ran into an interesting issue today, Macs that I know were in DEP would not show the Remote Management screen after connecting to Wi-Fi in the Setup Assistant.

Creating APFS Snapshots at the Setup Assistant

For the last few days I’ve been creating a set of enrolment policies for a loaner Mac, eg one that can be handed out in an instant to an employee if they forget their Mac at home (happens more than you think), or if theirs is damaged. At the centre of this is Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP for short) to auto-enrol the Mac and run all the Jamf policies.

Setting a Random Wallpaper at Enrolment

As part of the onboarding at Culture Amp, I configure the dock at set a default wallpaper. This isn’t necessarily to lock down what Camper’s can do with their Macs but more-so to get them up and running as quickly as possible and in a consistent environment.

JNUC 2017 Videos

🙌🏽 The session videos for JNUC 2017 have begun appearing online and I highly recommend checking them out here on the Jamf website. I’ve embedded my talk below but some of the other stand out sessions include: