Setting a Random Wallpaper at Enrolment

As part of the onboarding at Culture Amp, I configure the dock at set a default wallpaper. This isn’t necessarily to lock down what Camper’s can do with their Macs but more-so to get them up and running as quickly as possible and in a consistent environment.

JNUC 2017 Videos

🙌🏽 The session videos for JNUC 2017 have begun appearing online and I highly recommend checking them out here on the Jamf website. I’ve embedded my talk below but some of the other stand out sessions include:

Culture First Onboarding at JNUC 2017

This morning I had the privilege of presenting at JNUC 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My talk was an evolution on my previous talks about how I approach Onboarding new hires at Culture Amp.


Just some photos from my recent trip to Greece

Programming YubiKeys in a VM

I’ve finally had some time to play with the YubiKey 4C and decided I wanted to get it functioning as a second factor with Okta. This guide from Yubico seemed fairly straight-forward but I immediately ran into an issue. While the YubiKey Personalization Tool (what you use to program the YubiKey) would recognise my YubiKey, it would show that there was an unknown error.