Clear - A new todo application that isn't like the rest

What happend this morning when I woke up to read my twitter feed? I saw a nice little note from @UseClear saying “ Hello New Zealand and Australia :-)”. What could this mean? Well, it meant that Clear, the todo app that has had quite a bit of hype surrounding it, had launched.

After using it most of the morning I can say that the video does not do it justice and you need to download it and try it for yourself. Playing with the app on an iPhone 4S is very quick, I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY quick. Adding tasks is a cinch. Just pull down from the top of the screen and start typing. When you check an item off your list you are rewarded with a chime and subtle vibration, both of which can be changed in the settings. 

I’m not going to say anything further about Clear or all the tips & tricks of using it because it is way too much fun finding them out for yourself and I’m sure someone else will do a nice indepth review later today. All I can say is that you should turn your volume up while playing around with it. You’ll thank me later :)

Depending on which country you are in it may or may not be available now. Check it out here!

Bonus tip - If you have Tweetbot installed you will get an extra theme :D

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