I’ve recently had the chance to try out a new applications that has just showed up on the Mac App Store called Pixy by Developer Sam Gray. Pixy is a very simple app that at its core allows you to set an interval at which you iSight camera will capture an image. When launched, Pixy presents a small window that asks for 3 pieces of information; Interval in minutes (you can put in values less than 0 if you want to capture images more frequently), the directory to save your files, & if you would like to upload the resulting images to TinyGrab or not.}

If you have ever tried to import downloaded video files intro iTunes you would have discovered that most files will not work. This is a problem if your primary reason for importing the video into iTunes is to be able to transfer it to your various “i” devices or if you just want to leverage the organisation of the iTunes library. Now you might think I’ll just use HandBreak or Quicktime with Perian installed, but what you may not realise is that in using these programs you are wasting time.}

Alright, so here is the pilot episode of Ask MacTalk. Each week we will answer 5 user questions related to Apple, Tech and the like. You can find it here Ask MacTalk Episode 00}

After switching to the Mac 2 years ago I found out that compared to windows application which are often very functional, they have no style and are not the most pleasing to look at. I don’t know what it is, but Mac developers just seem to make their apps and websites look both amazing and extremely functional. A couple of really nice posts that highlight this can be found here and here, both from appstorm.}

So after discovering this awesome Mac Podcast, Mac Power Users, I’ve started dabbling with Mac’s Automator to create some nice services and applications. One App that I finally got to work was a workflow that opens up a dmg saved onto my computer then transfers downloaded torrent files and subsequently closes the open dmg. The next workflow that I created was a Service that would take a file that I’d selected attach it to an email and send it.}

HDJ-2000 Awesomeness

What can I say but WOW! These headphones are amazing, I had the chance to head into Store DJ today and have a listen and the sound was pristine, brilliant highs and heart pumping lows. The isolation is another key point, you can barely hear youself talk when wearing these. The construction is sturdy and they are as light as the Sony MDR-V6’s that I currently own (a big selling point).}

Brilliant MashUp

I found this song a couple of days ago when trawling through Hype Machine. Its a MashUp of Party and Bullshit from Notorious BIG and Party in the USA by Miley, I know, a bit weird but listen to the song before you judge it. Check it out here.}