Culture First Onboarding at JNUC 2017


Just some photos from my recent trip to Greece

Programming YubiKeys in a VM

I’ve finally had some time to play with the YubiKey 4C and decided I wanted to get it functioning as a second factor with Okta. This guide from Yubico seemed fairly straight-forward but I immediately ran into an issue. While the YubiKey Personalization Tool (what you use to program the YubiKey) would recognise my YubiKey, it would show that there was an unknown error.

Using ElastiCache with Jamf Pro in Clustered Environments

So the beta program for Jamf Pro 10 finally opened and I thought to myself “Why yes, I do want to play with the new shiny!”. I set to work creating a clone of my Jamf database (hosted in Amazon RDS), and created a new EC2 instance to run the beta on. Once I’d connected to the Jamf Pro web app, I ran into my first hurdle.

Connecting Gooogle Calendar & Zoom with Zapier

At Culture Amp I’ve setup all of our conference rooms as Zoom Rooms. In a nutshell, Zoom Rooms allow anyone to walk into a conference room and start a video conference without needing to bring their own computer.