So after snatching up a bargain at Threadless on the 9/09/09 sale, my t-shirts arrived yesterday :D yay, only took 2 business days from the US so I’m very impressed.  The only problem being the t-shirts are too big and if i go a size down i think they’ll be too small so I’m just going to wash them then put them in the dryer to see how it all turns out.


Just love my download speeds :D

Farnsworth iPhone Ringtone

Just a quick one, I made, well this guy did anyway, a Farnsworth Communicator iPhone Ringtone.  If you don’t know what a Farnsworth is, it’s a communication device used in the SyFy Original Series called Warehouse 13. Awesome show. You can download the ringtone it Here.

1080p Output

So i discovered this since installing Snow Leopard, I had a problem with Leopard only outputting 1080i through a DVI-HDMI cable to my TV, but since upgrading, the new display settings tab gives me an option for 1080p output.  Yay, I’m happy now.

Snow Leopard Installed!!!

So just finished installing Snow Leopard onto my 17” MacBook Pro (Late 2008), all went well and only took about half an hour, even though it said it would take 1 hour.  I even got back more than the 7GB of space which was a bonus :D.  I’ve added some photos, and everything seems a lot more snappier, yay.