Etymotic's Custom Earplugs

So on Thursday I received the wonderful news that my custom earplugs were ready to be picked up.  These little babies drop the outside noise level by 25dB (but can come in 9dB, and 15dB versions) so that at the end of the night after a long DJ set my ears won’t be ringing.  These also help with annoying people who decide to shout right into my ears.  

CDJ2000 & CDJ900

So released a mere 2 hours ago are the new CDJ2000 and CDJ900.  They should be released around nov/dec and at a small price of US$2150 for the 2000 and US$1600 for the 900.  I can’t wait till they are released and have a play with them.  I better save up some money now.  My only gripe with these two players is that they are only USB1… Why the hell Pioneer would only use USB1 in professional DJing equipment is beyond me but i can’t really do anything about that. :(


So after snatching up a bargain at Threadless on the 9/09/09 sale, my t-shirts arrived yesterday :D yay, only took 2 business days from the US so I’m very impressed.  The only problem being the t-shirts are too big and if i go a size down i think they’ll be too small so I’m just going to wash them then put them in the dryer to see how it all turns out.


Just love my download speeds :D

Farnsworth iPhone Ringtone

Just a quick one, I made, well this guy did anyway, a Farnsworth Communicator iPhone Ringtone.  If you don’t know what a Farnsworth is, it’s a communication device used in the SyFy Original Series called Warehouse 13. Awesome show. You can download the ringtone it Here.