I’ve recently had the chance to try out a new applications that has just showed up on the Mac App Store called Pixy by Developer Sam Gray

Pixy is a very simple app that at its core allows you to set an interval at which you iSight camera will capture an image. When launched, Pixy presents a small window that asks for 3 pieces of information; Interval in minutes (you can put in values less than 0 if you want to capture images more frequently), the directory to save your files, & if you would like to upload the resulting images to TinyGrab or not.

I found that the app crashed the first couple of times that I tried to get it to work (something that I think was a result of my Mac and not the app itself) but I sent off my Crash Log to Sam and he’s looking into it.

I think that Pixy has great potential if a few new features are added. I’d really like the ability to run Pixy as a Menu Bar App only  (even though the icon is gorgeous). I think that it could also be used as a simple security application.

At present every time you open Pixy, the window pops open and then you are required to hit the “Done” button to start the capture process. What would be nice to see is for there to be an option to set Pixy to open in the Menu Bar and to start capturing without opening up the window and clicking the button.

To enact my security plan I would set Hazel (Folder Actions on steroids) to watch my Dropbox folder for a file named SecurityCamera.txt. When Hazel sees this file it will automatically launch Pixy (in the Menu Bar only) and begin capturing images at the set interval. I would set the save location to my Dropbox so they would appear as they are taken.

I have spoken to Sam about these modifications and says that he is working on them now :D.

Overall Pixy is a simple app but it does just what it say it does.